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Recording Studios


These are the studios I generally work out of.  But, I am available to work at others if they are better suited to your project.

Wild Arctic - Long Island City, Queens


This beautiful facility is located one/two stops from Manhattan on the E, V, N, R, Q and 7 trains.  Features a Trident 80B console, huge live room and two iso booths.  See full gear list below.

Wild Arctic has been home to acts such as The Hold Steady, Jesse Mailin, Bouncing Souls and The World/Inferno Friendship Society.

Rates for this studio, including me engineering: $50-$60/hr


A 4 total rooms consisting of a control room, live room and 2 isolation booths. The iso booths are fully wired with xlr, 1/4" instrument and speaker tie lines to control room and main live room.

All rooms are climate controlled with central heat and AC.
Lounge with Satellite TV, Kitchenette, Microwave, fridge and coffee station. We are also equipped with wireless internet.


Trident Series 80B with 30 channels of Pre's and EQ's
As well as 24 additional Line Inputs with EQ's
Total of 54 Channels in mixing.
5 aux sends and 24 bus assignments.


ProTools 8
HD II Accel System with (3) 190 i/o's
24 channels of In/Out
Tascam DA-40 DAT Player
Otari MX-80 24 Track 2" reel to reel


Tannoy DMT II Powered by a Perreaux Mos Fet
Yamaha NS-10M Studio Powered by a Yamaha Pro. Series P2201
Mackie Hr824's
Optimus powered by a Stewart World 600

EQ's, Mic's, Pre's and Compressions

(2)Chandler Limited LTD-1
(2)Chandler Limited Germanium Pre's
Wunder audio peq1R
Chandler Limited EMI Passive Channel
(4) Neve 3415's
(2)API 512's
Api 560A graphic eq
Chandler Limited TG1 Stereo Limiter
Alan Smart C2
Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X (w/brit mode)
Empirical Labs Distressor EL8
(2) Helios type 69 Pre/Eq.
Roland Space Echo RE-150
Transient Designer Dynamic Effect Processor
(2) ADL compressor/Limiter 1000
Moog Three Band Parametric Equalizer
Ashly Stereo Noise Gates Model SC-33


Soundelux e47
Soundelux u195
(2) Neumann KM184's
Bang & Olufsen Stereo Ribbon Mic
Royer 121
(2) Audio Technica 4033's
AKG d112
AKG d12E
(2) AKG c451b's
Yamaha mz204
Shure sm57 Special
(5) Shure sm57's
Shure sm7
Shure beta 52
Shure beta 57
(2) Octava 012 01's
(2) PZM's
Sennheiser e609 (Black face)
(2) RCA BK1A's
Beyerdynamic 201
Fender Reverb Mic
Altec 633 Salt Shaker Mic
Heil pr30

Protools 8 Pluggins

Sony Oxford Eq bundle
Auto Tune EVO
Altiverb 6
Bombfactory BF76
Focusrite D2/D3
Sans AMP psa-1
Sound Replacer
Soundtoys Bundle Includes:


Waves Platinum 6.0

Samplers and Software

Kontakt 2 with the Ghetto Electro Samples Bank
Soundreplacer with in house samples
Indigo Virus


Roland re150 Space Echo
Altiverb 6
Waves Convolution Reverb


Amps and Cabs

78' Marshall JMP
72' Fender Super Reverb
Fender Bassman Blackface
Music Man HD130
"Selmer MKIII Treble ""n"" Bass 50"
Roland JC120
Peavey 5150
David Eden Traveler World Tour Class Bass Head WT300
Marshall 4x12 (with 2 tonetubby and 2 vintage 30's)
SWR 4x10 Bass Cab
4x12 acoustic bass cab

Keyboards and Pianos

Baldwin Upright
Korg Poly 6
Roland Juno 60
Lowery Organ
Casio CZ101
Triton Motif 8
Nord Lead 2X


"1967 Gretch Kit with 20"" Kick, 12, 13, 16, 18"" Toms"
"1973 Rogers Kit with 22"" Kick, 12, 13, 16"" Toms"
"Rogers 14"" snare"
"DW Maple 14"" snare"
"K13"" HiHats"
Ascend Kick Pedal
DW5000 dBl Kick Pedal
Cymbal stands and hardware

**Drummers should bring their own cymbals and
a kick pedal that they are comfortable with.


Fender Strat
Fender Telecaster
Fender P-Bass

Effects Pedals

Line 6 Delay
(2) Sans Amp Bass Di's
Electro Harmonix
Q Tron
Big Muff
Small Stone Phaser
Heli Talk Box
T.C. Electronics Distortion
Ibanez Chorus/Phase
Digitech Space Station

Serious Business - Soho, Manhattan

serious business

Serious Business was started by Travis Harrison and Andy Ross (OK Go) years ago on the original Beautyrock property in LIC.  Since then, they have been movin' on up to this sweet Soho loacation.  Great analog gear, large live room and three iso rooms and a very comfy control room.

Serious Business has been home to acts such as The Homosexuals, Jaymay and Looker.

Rates for this studio, including me engineering: $50-$60/hr


A 5 total rooms consisting of a control room, live room, one large iso room (big enough for a drum set) and two smaller booths. The iso booths are fully wired with xlr, 1/4" instrument and speaker tie lines to control room and main live room.

Rooms are climate controlled with central heat and AC.


Soundcraft Ghost 24 channel
Folcrom 216 Passive Summing Unit


 Pro Tools HD2
 Intel Mac Pro (2)

1988 Sony MCI 24 track 2’ tape machine

MicPres, DI

Great River ME-1NV (3)
 API 512c (2)
 API 312 (vintage, recapped, original 2622 transformer) (2)
 Old School Audio OSA-MP1 (2)
 Focusrite 4 channel Red series Quad Mic-Pre (4)
 Earthworks 1022 (2)
 Seventh Circle Audio Preamps (8)
 (2) N72 - Neve 1272 design, Carnhill transformers
 (2) J99 - John Hardy Twin Servo design, 990C opamp
 (2) A12 - API 312 design
 (2) C84 - Millenia HV-3 design
 Neve 1073 (1) Mic Pre/EQ
 Neve 1084 (2) Mic Pre/EQ
 Neve 1272 (1)
 Telefunken V78 (2)
 Telefunken V672 (2)
 Chandler TG-2 (1)
 Phoenix Audio DRS-2 (1)
 Phoenix Audio DRS-1M (2)
 Radial JDV MK3 Direct Box
 Radial X-Amp Reamp Box
 Radial JDI Passive Direct Box
 Avenson Small DI (DI for any preamp)
 Avalon U5 DI unit
 Sequis Motherload (Amp attenuator/Speaker Simulator)
 Sequis Richter Control (Amp attenuator)
 Sytek 4 channel-MPX-4A

Empirical Labs EJ8-X DISTRESSOR (4)
 Empirical Labs EL Fatso (1)
 API 2500 Buss Compressor (1)
 Purple MC77 Compressor (1176 design) (1)
 CL 7720 SSL-type Buss Compressor (1)
 Aphex Compellor 320a Compressor/Limiter (1)
 Symetrix 501 (toggle switch) (1)
 DBX160xt Compressor (2)
 DBX166XL Compressor Gate
 FMR Audio RNC
 SPL Transient Designer (6)

Neve 1073 - Mic Pre/EQ (1)
Neve 1084 - Mic Pre/EQ (2)
API 550b EQ (2)
Speck Electronics Model ASC EQ (2)
Great River EQ-INV (1)

Ursa Major Stargate 323 Digital  Reverberator
Roland DEP-5 Digital Effects Processor
MXR 01 Digital Reverb
MXR Flanger/Doubler
Master Room XL-121 Spring Reverb (2)
Electra EP250 Analog Delay
Drawmer DS 201 Dual Gate
Groove Tubes M-S Stereo Matrix Decoder
Kurzweil Rumour
Eventide H3000 D/SX
Fulltone Tube Tape Echo (TTE)
Roland RE-201 Chorus Echo
Lexicon Vortex
Electrix Filter Factory
Ibanez AD202 Delay


Electro-Voice RE20 (2)
Neumann U87 (2)
Josephson C42 SDCs (2)
AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon Mic
Blue Bottle Tube Mic (B4, B5, B6, B7 capsules)
Neumann/Gefell CMV 563 (M7, M8, 55K capsules)
Neumann KM84 (matched pair) (2)
Gefell UMT70S (1)
Lawson L47 MkII (1)
Lawson L47 FET body (1)
Royer R121 (2)
BLUE Dragonfly Deluxes (matched consecutive SNs) (2)
AKG C-414 XLS (1)
Red Type B (uses Blue Bottle, Neumann bayonet capsules)
BeyerDynamic M160 (1)
Octava MK012
Octava MK012 (matched, modded by Mike Joly -   OctavaMod) (2)
Shure Beta 57A
Shure 520DX Green Bullet
Shure SM58
Shure SM81 (2)
Shure SM57 (6)
Shure SM7 (2)
Shure Beta 52A (2)
Lomo M1 head for MK012 (1)
Audix D6 (1)
Audix i5 (2)
Sennheiser e604 (3)
Sennheiser 421 (vintage) (1)
Studio Projects C4 (matched) (2)
Studio Projects B1 (3)
Studio Projects C3 (1)
Copperphone (1)
CAD M179 (2)
CAD M9 (1)
Mojave Audio MA-200 Tube condenser
Sennheiser 421
Altec “Salt Shaker”
Beyerdynamic Opus 88 (3)
MXL 604
PZM-6LPB (2)

Amps and Cabs

Vox AC-30
Emery Sound Microbaby
Emery Sound Superbaby
London Power Studio
Danelectro DM-25
Fender DeVille
Fender DeLuxe
Marshall JCM800 combo
Ampeg SVT head with 4X10 cab for BASS
Ampeg B12 head.
Speaker Cabinets
Vintone Detuned Cabinet (Poplar, Closed back)
Avatar Vintage 12″ (Birch plywood, Partial-open back)
Emery Sound 10″ Cabinet (Solid Mahogany, Open back)
Ampeg 8×10 Bass Cabinet


1997 DW drums — 22″kick, 14 tom, 12 tom, 16 floor tom.   Various snares (3 vintage ludwigs, a gretsch, a pork pie, etc.)


Yamaha Upright
Fender Rhodes

Beautopia - Astoria, Queens


Beautopia is my home studio located in Astoria, Queens, three stops from Manhattan on the N, Q, R and V trains.  Features the same gear that was in the Beautyrock LIC control room, including the Tascam M3500 console, which I inherited from Dangerous Music (yes, the Rolling Stones used it!), plus a vocal booth. 

This room is good for tracking things like guitars, keys and vocals, as well as for editing, mixing and mastering.
Some may choose to track drums at another studio, then use Beautopia to finish the project. 

Rates for this studio, including me engineering: $30-$40/hr


Control room + 5' x 3.5' WhisperRoom vocal booth.  


Tascam M3500 24x8 analog console


ProTools TDM 5/6, LE 7/8
Mix Plus system
24 channels of In/Out
Mytek 2021 A/D convertor


Alesis Monitor One
Alesis Powered Subwoofer
Sony MDR-7506 headphones
Urei power amp

EQ's, Effects, Mic Pre's and Compressions

Manley/Langevin DVC Mic Pre/Limiter/EQ
DBX 160a
Symetrix 425
Yamaha SPX 90


Neumann U87
Shure SM57
Sennheiser e609
AKG c3000

Protools Plugins

Auto Tune
Amp Farm
PSP Vintage Warmer

Samplers and Software

Roland JV1010

Amps and Cabs

Marshall JCM 800 combo
Vox 4x12
Vox Pathfinder
Sans Amp


Casio PX-100 Privia 88-key digital piano


Fender Deluxe American Strat
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Flying V
Danelectro U3
Tokai APB 57 bass
Martin DXM acoustic/electric

Effects Pedals

Boss EQ
Ibanez modulation delay
Morely wah
Crybaby wah
Boss phaser
Danelectro vibrato
Digitech tremelo