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some of the projects I have had the pleasure of working on over the years...

*the Wau-Wau Sisters *Drums and Tuba (Righteous Babe)  *Carey Ott (Dualtone) /Torben Floor  *Corn Mo  *Andy Ross/The A-Ross Experience (OK Go) *Anton Sword *Valley Lodge (Dave Hill) *Kissy Kamikaze *Shot *The Botz *Dangerous *Jana Peri *Something Grizzly *CMJ * Snob (Michael Dorian) *357 Lover *Tarek *Bumpin' Tacos *Girls Girls Girls *Ginger (The Wildhearts) * Kevin Hunter *The Czar Bomba *Macy's *Christina Morgan *Spray Paint Star *Electric Black *Will Morgan (Jelvis) *Desmond Hawkins *The Resistants *The Poolies  *Tragedy (Round) *Jollyship the Whizbang *the Loser's Lounge *Princess Superstar (K7) * The Dirty Pearls *Blurred Vision  *the Diamond Club  *Fuzzy Suzy  Barbez  *Double Dong and Wyld Lixx  *Cold Memory (Rev Up) *Alomar  *Etcetera (Idol/Atlantic) *Slapping Christine  *Asaf Shor  *Sin-Sin  *Birdbrain  *Timothy Wilson  *Candy Ass  *Spank  *Indofunk  *Helen of Troy (Tokyo Fist) *Supreme  *Clancy  *the Ho-Hos  *Two Man Gentlemen Band  *Ray Martin *Eytan Oren  *Giovanni  *Ken Bascue  *Mike Shine (the Act) *Tendency  *Mike Crawford  *Goddess *Heaven  *Airdogs  *Troy Usher  *Malik  *Arthur Shoates  *Type VIIC  *Valentina  *Tony D'amatia  *Nekron  *Super Lucky Cat  *Fat City Express  *John Naumowitz  *Spiewak  *Amanda Noah  *Mike Curtis  *Nekron  *BX Born  *Vared  *Novacaine  *Evette Perez  *Flavors *Larry May and the Virgins  *Lake  *Cruel  *Shinebox  *Deuce Gimlet  *Gary Taylor Mgmt *Arobas Entertainment  *Nunzi (Ten Ten Records) *Michael Idov *Noah Nigg *Phil Coat *Yvette Perez *Sylvia's Crib *Basil *Super Lucky Cat *FaceDrop  *Raymond Pere *Greg Burton *Miles Simmons *Greg Alan *Lisa Karp *the Unsacred Hearts *Gospel *Arobas Entertainment *Just a Pupil *Carmine Covelli *Negative Ken *the Just Because  *Ryan Cummings *Kevin Duda *Larry Fike *Lashes *Quickspin *Judy Klass *the Desires *Kiran Over Mongolia (Bulk Films) * Christine Holm *Frank Longo * the Archetones *WBAI  *Man of Tommorow *the Goddess Perlman *Born Again Music *the Skintones *Apathy *Crustacean Records *Adam Collet *Squip *Cara O'Shea *Julian Maile *the Syndix *the Three-Sixtys Big Daddy Project *Avadoria Films *Tradewind *Felipe Mejia *Durjey *Carley Lucas *Nemo *Ned Vizzini *Pink Steel *Aesop's Diner *Indie Pix *Tex Miles *Matt Godson *Benjamin Ickies and the Ambitious Orchestra *the Fabulous Entourage *the Dutch Treats *Valeze *Bubble *Yellow Dog *Circus By the Sea *Pink Baby Monster * DRK *Watt White (The Smash Up) *Graham Smith (March) *Staring Contest *Julie Wu *Steady Bliss *Pinky Swearz *Bar Mitzvah Jones